diane_vera (diane_vera) wrote in ts_interfaith,

Coming soon: Theistic Satanism Blog Network -- please give me feedback on the following

Soon I'm hoping to start a Theistic Satanism Blog Network. It would have a page, on my Theistic Satanism website, displaying an automatically updated list of recent posts in all member blogs with the tag "theistic Satanism." In return, all member blogs would be expected to include a link to the Theistic Satanism Blog Network on a side panel.

If you would like your journal on LiveJournal to become part of the Theistic Satanism Blog Network, please give your LJ journal a layout with at least two columns and which allows you to have a links list (which will be required, so you can display a link to the Theistic Satanism Blog Network page there). Here is a list of the S2 layouts which allow a links list, and here is more info about links lists in the LJ FAQ.

Also, we would ask that your journal be publicly viewable -- NOT friends-only, since the whole point of the blog network is to give all of us more publicity. It's fine if you make some of your posts friends-only, but not the entire journal, please. Also, on your publicly viewable posts with the tag "theistic Satanism," we would ask that you NOT limit comments to friends only, though it's fine (indeed, recommended) for you to limit comments to registered LiveJournal members, and it is also fine (indeed, recommended) for you to moderate comments. The reason we ask you NOT to limit comments to friends only is so that the Theistic Satanism Blog Network as a whole can serve as a de facto forum, similar to a LiveJournal community, except that the Theistic Satanism blog network would span more blog hosts than just LiveJournal. (It would also include blogs on Wordpress blog hosts and Google Blogger, among others.)

Please let me know what you think of the above idea. Also, please let me know if you would be interested in joining.

[Edited May 7, 2007, to add LJ-Cut.]
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